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A Strong Start for Families: Maternity Care Episodes

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Should we take the temperature of the state of healthcare in the U.S. today using maternal mortality, the system would be found to be ailing and urgently in need of change. Current trends in maternity care in the United States show an increase in the use of costly, medically unnecessary interventions, such as elective cesarean deliveries, which have resulted in higher costs and poorer outcomes for mothers and babies. THE COST TO U.S. HEALTHCARE The U.S. is the only industria...

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Remedy Partners 5/23/2019 Comments(0)

Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Giant walk-through colon part of the FPRC's package of cancer prevention tools for worksites. Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives The Florida Prevention Research Center FPRC is currently running a grant-supported intervention to increase the number of employees getting colorectal cancer CRC screenings. The FPRC has a strong relationship with current employers, members of The Florida Alliance - and you could be one of them! The FPRC’s plans are prepackaged and customizable according to ...

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8/17/2018 Comments(0)

Bundled Payments Streamline Care, Improve Access, Making Patients and Doctors Advocates

by Scott Leggett, MS Co-Principal, Global One Ventures Co-Manager, Convergent Same Day Orthopedic Strategies Dean Chavez never wanted to see the inside of another hospital after being laid up years ago by a motorcycle accident. But when his doctor recently told him he needed a total hip replacement, he at least hoped the experience would be quick and easy. It was both, thanks to bundled payments, an emerging model of healthcare that packages and coordinates procedures as a single purchase. Chave...

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Scott Leggett 6/1/2018 Comments(0)

How to Differentiate and Evaluate Health Therapeutics for Your Employees

By Laurel Pickering, Chief Revenue Officer, WellDoc Inc. Healthcare delivery and the technology to improve health outcomes and save dollars are evolving at lightning speed. A recently published article in Harvard Business Review estimates that the traditional model of in-person care is undergoing disruptive changes for three key reasons - rising healthcare costs, a shortage of providers and an aging population. 1 Based on a report from Accenture, this article details how the use of virtual healt...

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Laurel Pickering 5/9/2018 Comments(0)

How to Support Your Employees Struggling to Lose Weight

By Tim Eastep Senior Health Science Associate Orexigen Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. Many people who struggle with weight experience ups and downs, as they try different diet and exercise plans that either don't work or cannot be maintained. This struggle can be filled with frustration and feelings of failure. Patients may blame themselves for having a lack of willpower or discipline to lose weight; however for some patients, diet and exercise alone may not be enough to lose weig...

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Tom Eastep, Senior Health Science Associate, Orexigen 6/7/2017 Comments(0)