An Interview with The Florida Alliance Board Member Ashley Bacot

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
This post is an excerpted version of our interview with The Florida Alliance At-Large Director Ashley Bacot.
To read the full interview and learn more about Ashley and his views on The Florida Alliance and the future of health care in Florida, click here. 
The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value’s Executive Board Members are investing their time and talents to nsure the organization remains a strong and principal voice in health care management for Florida employers.  We’d like to introduce you to some of these members.

This month, we visited with Mr. Ashley Bacot, Risk Manager for Rosen Hotels & Resorts.  Ashley is a new The Florida Alliance At-Large Director but has been involved with our organization for about three years.

You’ve been working in your field during your entire career. Tell us about your start.
I got interested in risk management at the age of 16, when someone introduced me to the field and I’ve been in it ever since.

What is your role at Rosen Hotels and Resorts?
I have an oversight role as it relates to the Rosen Medical Center which is at the very core of our health care program for our associates and their dependents.  I work closely with our Human Resources and Finance departments to manage our cutting edge health care program.  It turned out to be a great career move and I’m very happy here!

What do you see on the horizon for employer health care purchasing and management?
Hospital costs make up a large portion of our health care costs.  There needs to be more competition among hospitals, which will drive quality improvement and lower costs.  The paradigm shift from fee-for-service to value based payment is taking it in the right direction.  It can’t come too soon. 

As a nation, we’re spending nearly $3 trillion annually on health care -- that’s 17% of GDP!  There needs to be more transparency in pricing and we must bend the cost curve for specialty drugs, which are making up a larger percentage of pharmacy costs.  The industry is predicting that specialty pharmacy spend will become 50 to 70% of an employer’s overall pharmacy spend. 

What makes The Florida Alliance an organization to which all large-employer health care purchasers in Florida should belong?
There are an abundance of educational initiatives available at any given time through The Florida Alliance. Whether it’s a webinar, workshop or attending The Florida Alliance’s annual conference, you get valuable information to infuse into your health care program.

There is a synergy between all the members and by banding together we have a very strong voice.  I honestly can’t imagine not having The Florida Alliance and all its resources and expertise at my fingertips.

Click here to read the full interview.


Karen van Caulil 6/23/2015

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