Help Determine Important Measures for Leapfrog's New Hospital Survey!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I just left Washington, D.C. where The Leapfrog Group held their annual meeting and presented the Top Hospitals Awards. In Florida we were lucky to have 11 hospitals receive this recognition.

During the meetings we discussed a new proposed measure for the Hospital Survey. To see all the proposed changes, click here. As you will see in Section 3, Structural Measure 1: Minimum Volume Standards for Safety, they are addressing the strong relationship between volume and outcomes for both an individual hospital and surgeon.

While this concept might be new to medicine, it is not new in general. I took a plane to and from D.C. Pilots are certified for the equipment they fly and position in the cockpit. They must acquire practice to fly bigger planes or to be the captain, versus the co-pilot, on that equipment. Also, to stay certified on equipment, they must log usage hours.

Similar to any profession that comes with specified training and certifications, it is important to monitor and measure success rates. With the proposed measurement changes to The Leapfrog Group’s Hospital Survey, it is important to garner feedback in order to have accurate outcomes. The comment period for these changes is now open and The Leapfrog Group needs your help. Please visit the proposed changes and submit comments via the online form before December 21!

Ashley Tait-Dinger 12/21/2016

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