Interview with The Florida Alliance Board Chair, Patrick Peters

Monday, June 6, 2016
The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value's Executive Board Members invest their time and talent to ensure the organization remains a strong and principal voice in health care management for Florida employers. This month, we'd like to highlight our newly installed board chair, Patrick Peters. Patrick has been affiliated with The Florida Alliance for more than 20 years. 
Patrick serves as the benefits and wellness administrator for Orange County Government.
He joined the County in late 2010 to help guide the organization through its transition from the PPO and POS health plan designs to a single Consumer Directed Health Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and, subsequently, a Low Deductible Health Plan. Patrick leads the County's benefits and wellness initiatives to improve the health of its employees and family members through prevention. In this position, Patrick has also initiated the Diabetes Prevention Program, in partnership with the YMCA; health summits and health fairs for the County and a Diabetes Academy with partner Novo Nordisk. 
Question: What do you see in terms of upcoming trends for employer health care purchasing and management?
Patrick: There is a great need for transparency in the delivery of healthcare services, particularly at the hospitals. Employers are the largest purchasers of health insurance in the country but many, if not most, are in the dark with respect to quantitative and qualitative metrics on medical and prescription drug purchases. We as employers must be more informed and focused on a set of specific metrics to improve health and health care. There is also a great need to for legislative reform with the cost and price structure of prescription drugs.
Question: What makes The Florida Alliance an organization to which all large-employer health care purchasers in Florida should belong?
Patrick: The Florida Alliance is on a journey to improve the quality of health care for the community. To quote Carolyn Clancy, MD, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Director, "Simply put, health care quality is getting the right care to the right patient at the right time - every time."
The quality of health care impacts everyone in the community. It is important to be inclusive of the healthcare providers (hospital systems, ancillary providers, physician groups), insurance companies, non-profit and for-profit organizations, governmental entities including cities, counties, school districts, state, etc. Where there are opportunities for improvement in the delivery model, the impact is experienced by all employers - large or small. As large employers, we possess great power to effect change, but it is untapped primarily because we act alone. We must join forces - united under a common banner to collaboratively work with the hospital providers and insurance companies to improve healthcare and the health of our community.
Ashley Tait-Dinger 6/6/2016

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