2013 Series Transforming Corporate Wellness

Transforming Corporate Wellness - Series
Part 1: The Science of Well-Being
              April 17, 2013
              Sponsored by: Healthways
              Contact: Mike Brasher 
Part 2:  Diabetes What Employers Need to Know
              May 15, 2013
              Sponsored by: Sanofi
              Contact:  Ray Sieradzan
Part 3:  Targeting Levels of Obesity for a Healthier Workforce & Improving Outcomes
               June 19, 2013
               Sponsored by: Ethicon; part of the Johnson & Johnson family of Companies
               Contact:  Dawn Gabriele
Part 4:  Closing the Gap in Obesity Management Solutions 
                July 10, 2013
                Sponsored by: Eisai
                Contact:  Andy Allison
            Unfortunately we cannot post any of the materials from this event. 

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