Preventive Care Services: How Are We Doing As Employers?
September 23, 2015 
Director, Medical Affairs
Pfizer Global Innovative Pharma Business Unit
At Pfizer, Dr. Heineman is tasked with the responsibility for providing field-based medical support for the national employer customer market as a National Employer Medical Outcomes Specialist. She provides support on a national basis to large employers, employer brokers and benefit consultants, coalitions, and employer professional organizations primarily located in the Western and Southern US. 
Dr. Heineman's webinar aimed to:
- educate the members of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value on the safe harbor example of compliance with the ACA mandate on tobacco cessation coverage
- provide results of a benchmarking survey on coverage of 15 preventative care services, communication strategies to implement changes in benefit designs, and assess benefit design to determine if changes are needed for compliance with the mandate. 
- discuss the latest insights in smoking cessation.
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Preventive Care Services