The ABCs of the Florida HIE
How Health Information Exchange Can Reduce Your Medical Expenses 
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Online Educational Event - hosted by AHCA
This presentation provided an introduction to the Florida Health Information Exchange, describing information exchange services available to health care providers and health plans, growth of the Florida HIE and opportunities for employer involvement. The webinar explained how the services assist providers and payers to improve coordination of care, prevent admissions and readmissions and reduce duplicate tests.
The event speaker, Aaron Parsons with the Agency for Health Care Administration, is the project manager for the Event Notification Service (ENS) offered by the Florida HIE. Since 2012, Aaron has worked on a variety of health information exchange projects as part of the Florida HIE team. Prior to joining the Florida HIE, he worked as an analyst on the Florida Medicaid Meaningful Use program. Aaron received a Master's degree in Political Science from Florida State University in 2009.

Updated 7/30/2018

The ABCs of the Florida HIE