ANC 2018 - Speakers

The Florida Alliance 25th Annual National Conference
The Health Care (R)Evolution
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 
Annual National Conference speakers
President & CEO 
Converging Health 
Interprofessional Collaboration:
A Series on Teams and Leadership for Value Based Care
  • Discussing team and leadership activities that can help to transform organizations and improve quality outcomes.
  • Exploring how wellness activities in your organization can help avoid burnout and improve patient health outcomes.
  • Discussing interprofessional collaboration and techniques for working across teams and organizations.  

President & Executive Director
Health Care Cost Institute
How Employers Can Drive Advances
in Price Transparency
 An overview of the unique data resources and mission of the Health Care Cost Institute, including recent trends in spending and utilization among people with employer-sponsored coverage both nationally and in Florida. He will also provide an overview of the Florida transparency law and the soon to be released website.

Founder & President,
Pharmacy Benefit Consultants
Changing the Prescription Coverage Industry 
Learn what's wrong with the industry, and what every employer can do to change it. What are the critical components of any functioning marketplace that the prescription coverage industry is missing? What strategies need to be employed to change the conduct of PBMs, drug manufacturers, retail and specialty drug pharmacies and plan beneficiaries? What are the short term and long term solutions that will ensure lower drug costs, wiser drug use and the discovery of more useful drugs?  

Chief Strategy Officer
WellDoc, Inc.
 Digital Therapeutics: Hitting the Sweet Spot in Diabetes
The use of digital therapeutics in the management of diabetes has shown tremendous consumer engagement, health outcomes and cost savings for employers and payors. This talk will introduce the topic and address how to integrate digital therapeutics into mainstream care delivery. 

Co-Founder & Principal
Global One Ventures, LLC
 Blue Shield California's Deployment of Bundled Payments in the Commercial Market: Results and Applications for Self-Funded Employers 
 Blue Shield California has implemented the largest commercial bundled rate program in the country and achieved substantial per case savings in the process. An overview of the design and structure will be useful when considering similar programs.

About Quality Benefits Design, LLC
 Optimizing Your Health Benefits Design: Striking a Balance Between Health Care Investment and Value for Specialty Drug Coverage 
 Managing the health benefits costs of specialty drugs while meeting employees' health care needs is a difficult balancing act. Learn about design strategies being used to improve health plan value outcomes by:
* combating medication first-fill abandonment
* managing medical benefits coverage of specialty drugs
* increasing adherence to treatment plans
* eliminating harmful impacts of formulary changes

President & CEO
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
 Inclusion as a Business Strategy 
Every business, no matter the industry, can directly bolster their bottom line by establishing a long-term business plan focused on inclusion. These straight-forward steps can increase revenue, lower operating expense, produce stronger margins and also create a stronger work culture and external brand. 


Updated 3/29/2018