For more than 30 years, the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value (the Florida Alliance) has helped employers in Florida improve the quality of health care and moderate health care cost increases.  The Florida Alliance serves to amplify the voice of employers in healthcare issues and leverages the strength of its members to effect change in the healthcare marketplace.  

For Employers
Be Informed. Learn about industry best practices, trends and innovations at our conferences, events and networking sessions. Stay informed on the latest health policy developments in Florida and Washington, DC through our forums, newsletters and alerts.  Call on our experienced staff for help in understanding and navigating the health care marketplace.

Reduce Administrative Costs. Obtain actionable intelligence about health plans, care, policy developments and industry trends without having to pay consulting fees or purchase additional products.

Improve Quality and Reduce the Cost of Employee Health Care. Use information from The Leapfrog Initiative and our other quality/data analysis initiatives during rate negotiations and benefits selection, and make the most of your company’s health care dollar. Work with more than 25 large employers across Florida to influence plans and providers and drive value in the state's health care delivery system.

Be Heard. Attend our forums and meetings with other employers, providers and policymakers, and have a voice in the local and national dialogue on health care.



The annual Board membership dues cover Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value activities, initiatives and programs for 2018.  The Florida Alliance holds a number of educational meetings, demonstration projects, exclusive webinars and other programs including but not limited to:

Education Events

  • Annual National Conference Health Care Purchasers as Consumers: Smart Shopping for Cost and Quality
  • Lunch and learn webinars during the year
  • Trends in Specialty Pharmacy & Oncology
  • Managing Cancer Workshop
  • Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors in Orlando
  • Annual Best of the Best program

Demonstration Projects

  • SMARTCare
  • Oncology Management Project
  • Diabetes Project – Patient Satisfaction and Adherence
  • DOH Diabetic Lifestyle Change Program

Leadership and Participation in Local, Regional, State and National Community Initiatives, Activities and Organizations

  • Orange County Public Schools Benefits Trust
  • Orange County Primary Care Access Network (PCAN) Board of Directors
  • Florida Department of Health Worksite Wellness Committee
  • Space Coast Health Foundation (SCHF) Health Advisory Council
  • State of Florida Chronic Disease Prevention Advisory Council
  • Mayor's Healthcare Executive Roundtable
  • State Health Information Exchange Coordinating Committee
  • National Quality Forum (NQF)
  • National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Member and Board of Governors
  • State Consumer Health Information and Policy Analysis Advisory Council Member
  • The Leapfrog Group
  • UCF College of Health and Public Affairs Advisory Board


Updated 7/22/2019

Benefits of Board Membership