The Florida Alliance Receives Grants to Develop a Value Based Purchasing Strategy for Cardiac Care


Purchaser Value Network Matches Orlando Heart Foundation Grant

ORLANDO, Fla. (February 24, 2017) – The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value (The Florida Alliance) has been awarded $100,000 in grants to develop and promote a bundled payment for cardiac care, a project started under a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation grant. This initiative aligns commercial and governmental cardiac purchasing strategies.

The $100,000 in funding for the project was provided through a $50,000 seed grant from the Orlando Heart Foundation (OHF), which was matched dollar for dollar by the Purchaser Value Network (PVN). This funding was one of four matching grants that the PVN awarded nationally to business coalitions focused on innovative practices in health care payment reform.


The Florida Alliance will oversee data collection and analysis that will be requested from employers, health plans and providers and used to determine the services to be provided in the bundle and the appropriate payment for these services. The Florida Alliance will also develop the framework for appropriate payment and provide clinical support as an unbiased third party. The Florida Alliance affiliate partner, Orlando Heart Specialists (OHS), will lead the discussion on quality measures, guide appropriate patient selection processes and ensure appropriate workflow in practice.


The intent of the project is to reduce variation and cost for cardiac care, while improving the quality of care of patients with established or potential coronary artery disease. The goal of the project is to implement a bundled payment for cardiac care with Orlando-based The Florida Alliance employer members by the end of 2017, for use during the 2018 plan year.


SMARTCare (Smarter Management and Resource Use for Today’s Complex Care), an initiative that was implemented and evaluated in five cardiology practices in Florida, including OHS, through the Medicare and Medicaid Innovation grant, is integral to this project. SMARTCare addresses clinical quality, resource use and cost variation in the treatment of stable ischemic heart disease through determination of appropriate, noninvasive cardiac imaging, treatments and medical therapies, stenting, bypass surgery and optimized medication and lifestyle interventions.


“SMARTCare’s appropriate use outcomes have been impressive with improved clinical outcomes for patients and lower costs. These grants will enable us to develop an innovative payment mechanism that moves away from fee for service to payment for value,” said Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value President and CEO Karen van Caulil. “We are pleased to be part of this groundbreaking project.”

“Through SMARTCare, our providers have reaffirmed our continued commitment to vastly improve the health and livelihood of our patients by providing cost-effective, appropriate care and focusing on outcomes," said Orlando Heart Specialist CEO Christi Hudiburg. "Our transparent operations allow for continued improvements through the feedback of data quality reporting and improvement strategies."


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