Babies, Business and the Bottom Line
Speaker PowerPoint Presentations:
   Dr. Cole Greves
   Dr. Armando Fuentes
   Tricia Romesberg, DNP, MSN, ARNP, CNNP
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Educational Resources and Materials 
Preterm Birth Information
The Importance of Full Term Pregnancy
Healthy You, Healthy Baby
Your health directly impacts your baby's health during pregnancy. Learn more about what to eat and how to exercise at
Reducing C-Sections 
The C-Section Epidemic - webinar presented by OviaHealth 
Learn how a maternity benefits program that gives employees the tools and resources to make informed decisions about their care can dramatically improve outcomes, reduce unnecessary procedures and positively impact your bottom line. 
Workplace Support for New Mothers
Council on Patient Safety in Women's Health Care
Employer Action Guide for Maternity Care
Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative
   Case Study: How the Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women reduced their episiotomy rate    to meet Leapfrog’s standard. Interview with hospital leaders.

Updated 5/19/2020

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