We are your friends, your neighbors, and your family. The Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value (The Florida Alliance) is a group of employers from Florida representing nearly 2.5 million covered lives, working toward a common goal. Our business interests are diverse – from school districts, city and county governments, and utilities to the world’s most famous theme parks!
We all work toward a common goal -- the best quality health care for our community!   
The Florida Alliance has been serving the Florida community since 1984. Under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer, Karen van Caulil, Ph.D., Medical Director, Jack Mahoney, M.D. and its Board of Directors, the Coalition continues to make progress in improving our community's health care through our educational programs and quality improvement initiatives. The Coalition staff, board members, associates, and sponsors organize annual events and seminars aimed at continuous improvement of quality of health care not only in Florida but nationwide. 
Our health care problems did not occur overnight and there will not be any “quick fix.” Our purpose in coming together is to improve the quality of health care delivered in Florida.

Updated 5/14/2019

Who We Are