We are now the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value! 
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Our organization was established as Florida's business coalition on health in 1984 as the Central Florida Health Care Coalition with the motto, "Quality First, Always." Using the power and influence of Florida's leading employers, impactful, groundbreaking work in improving the quality of health care was accomplished from the outset. To reflect our statewide reach and influence we changed our name to the Florida Health Care Coalition in 2004.
In 2019, we became the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value (the Florida Alliance). It was necessary for us to find a new name in order to ensure no confusion with the organizations charged with overseeing Florida's disaster preparedness and response efforts. These first responder organizations work together to prepare and respond to natural and man-made disasters and emergencies and are identified by the federal government as "health care coalitions." Although we were not planning to change our organization's name, it was an opportunity for us to reflect on our mission and purpose and identify a name that demonstrates our commitment to driving value in health care.
Under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer, Karen van Caulil, Ph.D., Medical Director, Jack Mahoney, M.D. and its Board of Directors, the Florida Alliance continues to make significant progress in improving the quality and cost of health care in Florida.
To learn about the Florida Alliance's innovative initiatives and Employer Rights in Healthcare Purchasing, listen to ValidPoints podcast with Karen van Caulil, Ph.D.

Updated 5/27/2020

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